• Fri, October 02, 2020 8:38 AM | Monica * Pielage

    Recent NATE Teams Awarded Titles!

    Hooray for Eric and Jet from Washington on earning their Advanced Standard Title! Watch them quickly and easily bring in the required 8 balls. Jet pushes the balls with both nose and body but using just the right amount of force to keep them moving speedily and directly to the goal. Nicely done!

    Congratulations to Kerrie from Australia and her two dogs. Sprocket’s accomplishments were announced out of order. He earned his Novice Standard title first before earning his Outstanding Novice Standard ribbon which is pictured in the photo below. Now is your opportunity to watch his first three Novice runs and see accurate steering, enthusiasm and nice teamwork. Solan has now earned his Advanced Standard Title. Watch him complete the required 8 balls with great speed and precision. What a show of energy and hard work from this veteran dog!

    Let’s celebrate Eric and Jet from Washington on earning their Master Standard Title!  This is an impressive clean run. Watch Jet smoothly fly through all 8 balls with no slow downs!

    Three cheers for Amanda and Poutine our first team from New Hampshire! They have received their Novice Standard Title after working through a back injury. They kept at it and now this extra small veteran can show how extra special she is. Nice team work!

  • Sat, August 08, 2020 6:51 AM | Monica * Pielage

    Congratulations to Recent Titling Teams!

    Three cheers for Mary Ann and Deacon from Virginia for earning their Novice Balls N Order Title! This veteran standard poodle starts with his signature leap that will bring a smile to your face then prances his way through the run ending with a cheerful long distance go out to the final ball. Great work!

    Let’s congratulate Carolyn and Bodhi from North Carolina! They are our second team to earn an Outstanding Master Balls N Order Title. Bodhi’s accurate steering proved critical as all 10 runs were filmed in pop-up fields with minimal boundaries to play against. Enjoy watching their great teamwork as they bring in 9 balls in the correct order. Outstanding!

    Hooray for Martha and Scout from Washington for earning their Novice Standard Title! They make short work of 3 balls with Scout pushing confidently and getting two for one with balls 2 and 3. Looking forward to seeing more from this new team!

    Let’s celebrate Kerrie from Australia and her two dogs! Solan, a senior, earns his Intermediate Standard Title with amazing stamina and speed - also demonstrating how to redirect to the point ball on run 1. Sprocket shows off a nice smooth run and great response to cues as he completes his Outstanding Novice Standard Title. Both submissions are in a backyard pop-up field that requires excellent ball control and steering. Enjoy watching their teamwork! (Edited Note: This post describes and attaches the video for Solan's Advanced title not his Intermediate. Sorry for the confusion.)

    Three cheers for Mary Ann and Deacon from Virginia for earning their Intermediate Balls N Order Title! They steer through the required six balls in order with beautiful teamwork. This run includes one call off and a direct send past close in balls to the correct ball at the back of the field. This is one veteran who still knows how to prance!

    Mary Ann and Deacon are back! This time earning their Advanced Standard Title! Deacon does an amazing job sticking with the point ball while threading it through the formation. They go on to bring in the other 7 balls, Deacon finding enough energy to give us a second signature leap of joy halfway through.Congratulations!

  • Fri, June 12, 2020 2:18 PM | Monica * Pielage

    Celebrating NATE Teams!

    Let’s congratulate Sandy and Ally from Indiana, our third team to earn an Advanced Balls N Order title! With eight balls to bring in correctly, you will have lots to watch here. Notice their excellent teamwork through three call offs - including a tough one on the 3rd to last ball, awesome redirects, and her signature spins just because she can. This cutie knows her stuff!

    Hooray for Brenda and Tia from Indiana for earning their Novice Balls N Order title. They handle rolling back a foul ball and redirection with ease. Tia is eager and shows us very nice steering and ball control. Great work you two!

    Let’s celebrate Kerrie and Sprocket from Australia. They just earned their Novice title in Balls N Order. Watch run 1 starting at 1:12 and see a beautiful example of him circling cleanly to ball 2 followed by lightning fast balls 3 and 4. Nice work!

    Three cheers for Kerrie from Australia with her second dog Solan. This speedy veteran has earned the following titles; Novice Standard, Novice Balls N Order, and Outstanding Novice Standard. In run 1 below you can watch high speed redirects and really nice teamwork. Truly an outstanding performance!

  • Sat, May 16, 2020 5:49 PM | Monica * Pielage

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    Congratulations NATE Teams!

    Congratulations go out to Carolyn and Bodhi in North Carolina for achieving their Master level title in the Balls N Order game. Watch Bodhi’s confidence as he waits for push or stop and redirect cues. This run is also filmed in a pop-up field and you will be astounded to see him push all 9 balls straight into the goal. Wow!

    Let’s celebrate Mary and Dill from Indiana! They earned both Novice and Intermediate titles in the Balls N Order game. Watch fast and accurate steering and excellent directionals as they bring in all 6 balls. Dill even retrieves ball six from the back fence with no hesitation. What teamwork!

    Hooray for Irma and Titan from Texas for achieving their Advanced title in the Standard Game! Watch Titan, a veteran, leap over the point ball in his excitement! Then he works steadily to bring in the rest of the balls. Nice work you two!

    Three cheers for Monica and Jojo from California who have earned their Intermediate Balls N Order title! Watch their first run in which they adeptly stop and redirect to another ball three different times to bring them to the goal in order. A run to be proud of!

  • Sun, February 09, 2020 7:46 AM | Monica * Pielage

    These Teams are having a ball!

    Let’s celebrate Yuki and her handlers Steve and Janice from California! They have achieved their Novice title in the Balls N Order game. Watch patience and training pay off as Steve works with Yuki to get the correct order. Nice job!

    Hooray for Sandy and Ally from Indiana on achieving their Advanced title in the Standard game. Ally is consistent and steady as she brings in 8 balls with dainty precision. It is a pleasure to watch their beautiful team work.

    Three cheers for Eric and Jet from Washington! They just earned their Intermediate title in the Standard game. Watch some beautiful, clean, fast runs from this team. Jet follows a high-flying point ball and performs some good corner digs. What enthusiasm! Nice work!

  • Mon, January 13, 2020 1:52 PM | Monica * Pielage


    to the recent NATE Titling Teams

    Patsy and Pippa from Oregon (Novice Standard)

    Eric and Jet from Washington (Novice Balls N Order)

    Debra and Karma from Illinois (Novice Standard)

    Alyssa Borek and Lia from Washington (Advanced Standard)

    Carolyn and Bodhi from North Carolina (Advanced Balls N Order)

  • Sat, December 07, 2019 7:56 PM | Monica * Pielage

    Sandy White and Harriett Weatherford share the honor of receiving NATE's 100th title. Thanks to you both and all members for growing the sport of Treibball! Keep on pushing!

  • Wed, December 04, 2019 12:43 PM | Monica * Pielage

    For the first time NATE sponsored a booth at the APDT conference this year, which was held in Portland, Oregon, Oct. 30 to Nov. 2.

    NATE Trainer, and newest Board Member, Eric Sanford, volunteered his time not only to man the booth and educate other trainers about the sport, but performed a Treibball demonstration with his trusty side kick Jet-Fly I.  

    Eric found that NATE's presence at the conference was a big success and attending trainers were excited to see Treibball being represented there.

    NATE’s main Mission Statement is …“to promote worldwide participation of the sport of Treibball and educate the public about training and competition for the sport.”

    If any other members or trainers would like more information on how they can help promote NATE and Treibball, please contact

     A Special Thanks to Eric, Jet and his crew of volunteers , as well as the entire NATE Board for volunteering their time to make this event come together and a huge success!

  • Wed, December 04, 2019 11:11 AM | Monica * Pielage


    to the recent NATE Titling Teams

    Alyssa Borek and Lia from Washington (Novice Balls N Order).

    Harriett Weatherford and Morgan from Illinois (Novice Balls N Order).

    Harriett Weatherford and Riley from Illinois (Novice Standard and Novice Balls N Order).

    Sandy White and Ally from Indiana (Intermediate Balls N Order).

Contact NATE     PO Box 2306, Aptos, CA 95003     

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