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Is there one way to train Treibball?  There are as many different methods of training dogs successfully as there are dog/handler combinations.  NATE supports and encourages the use of reward-based training. NATE discourages coercive, punitive, intimidating or forcible training techniques. Handlers who use abusive methods in competition will be eliminated. Reward-based, force-free training is the dog-friendly way to get fast and reliable distance behaviors to set your dog up for success.

General Training Resources

Training Skills Menu

This page includes some recommended Foundation Skills, Fun Training Games and the Menu below to specific additional Training topics.
  • Treibball Equipment Resources
  • Basics - Pushing Skills -- Under Construction
  • Basics - Send Skills -- Under Construction
  • Basics - Directional Cues & BNO Skills -- Under Construction
  • Pairs & Teams Skills -- Under Construction
  • Urban Herding Skills -- Under Construction
  • Troubleshooting

Helpful Treibball Foundation Skills

Five Fun Training Games for Beginners

The link below takes you to a PDF list Five Fun Training Games for Treibball Beginners. The Games are:

  1. The Bowl Game
  2. The Magic Carpet Rolling Game
  3. The Lilly Pad Splat Game
  4. Post-it Note Palm Pushing
  5. Bottle Bowling

Five Fun Training Games for Novices

The link below takes you to a PDF list Five Fun Training Games for Treibball Novices. The Games are:

  1. A Question of Balance Game
  2. Keep Calm and Carry On Game
  3. Here, There and Everywhere Game
  4. The Barrel Racing Game
  5. My Friend Flicka Game

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