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Is there one way to train Treibball?  There are as many different methods of training dogs successfully as there are dog/handler combinations.  NATE supports and encourages the use of reward-based training. NATE discourages coercive, punitive, intimidating or forcible training techniques. Handlers who use abusive methods in competition will be eliminated. Reward-based, force-free training is the dog-friendly way to get fast and reliable distance behaviors to set your dog up for success.

The Training tabs on the left are designed to help people break out the individual skills for Treibball. For instance, two of the most basic skills are Sending to and Pushing a ball that may be located as far as 70 ft away!  It is also important to teach the dog Directional Cues for moving them on the field. The key to training is to initially teach the skills close to the handler.  As the dog begins to understand the game, the level of difficulty can be increased by adding more balls and/or greater distances.  

As you move through the skill levels in the various games, the challenges become more difficult: there will be more balls on the field to negotiate through (or around), greater distances, and larger spaces. Some games require the ball to move in a specific route before coming into the goal. With a solid foundation these tasks are very do-able, and fun!

The NATE Treibball game levels (Pre-Novice, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert) are set up to build confidence in our dogs by gradually adding distance and balls as one moves up the levels.  For example, Standard starts with just 3 balls as close as 15' for extra small dog dogs in Pre-Novice and builds to 8 balls at 50 ft for our Expert competitors.

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