Big Cheer

Wed, August 16, 2023 8:12 AM | Chris Roeder (Administrator)

Barb and Vega

Congratulations to Barb and Vega from North Carolina! This team just earned their Novice Balls N Order title! Watch as Vega does a perfect and confident line up behind the point ball! What a great team!

Lisa and Data

Two cheers for Lisa and Data Ann-Droid from Oregon! This team just earned two new titles:  Advanced Standard and Expert Standard! Watch as Data enthusiastically retrieves all the balls from 40 and 50 feet away! Congratulations!

Lisa and Chuck with Larson and Lucas

Hip-hip hooray for Lisa & Larson and Chuck & Lucas from North Carolina.  This foursome just earned their Novice Pairs title.  Watch as this husband and wife team have a picture perfect run! What awesome teamwork! Congratulations!

Arlene and Reggie

Let’s give a big cheer for Arlene and Reggie from California! This team just earned their Pre-Novice Standard title! Watch how adorable Reggie is as he pushes the balls to Arlene! Congratulations, Team Reggie!

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