Thu, July 27, 2023 7:33 AM | Chris Roeder (Administrator)

Suzanne/Liza and Kathy/Koda

Congratulations x2 to Suzanne & Liza and Kathy & Koda! These two teams, from Indiana, paired up at the June Indy trial to earn their Intermediate Pairs titles! Great teamwork!

Kathy and Koda

Let’s give a big cheer for Kathy and Koda from Indiana. This team just earned 3 additional titles at the June Indy trial:  Novice Snooker, Advanced Balls N Order and Expert Standard!  What great Treibball skills this team has! Congratulations!

Stephanie and Chori'

Hip-hip-hooray for Stephanie and Chori’ from North Carolina for earning their Novice Standard title! Watch the awesome teamwork as Stephanie cheers Chori’ on! What a fun team! Congratulations!


Nada and Klio

Let’s celebrate Nada and Klio from California! This team just earned their Pre-Novice Standard title! Watch Klio’s speed and enthusiasm as she plays the game. Can’t wait to see more from this new team! Congratulations!


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