Congratulations to Recent Titling Teams!

Sat, August 08, 2020 6:51 AM | Monica Pielage

Congratulations to Recent Titling Teams!

Three cheers for Mary Ann and Deacon from Virginia for earning their Novice Balls N Order Title! This veteran standard poodle starts with his signature leap that will bring a smile to your face then prances his way through the run ending with a cheerful long distance go out to the final ball. Great work!

Let’s congratulate Carolyn and Bodhi from North Carolina! They are our second team to earn an Outstanding Master Balls N Order Title. Bodhi’s accurate steering proved critical as all 10 runs were filmed in pop-up fields with minimal boundaries to play against. Enjoy watching their great teamwork as they bring in 9 balls in the correct order. Outstanding!

Hooray for Martha and Scout from Washington for earning their Novice Standard Title! They make short work of 3 balls with Scout pushing confidently and getting two for one with balls 2 and 3. Looking forward to seeing more from this new team!

Let’s celebrate Kerrie from Australia and her two dogs! Solan, a senior, earns his Intermediate Standard Title with amazing stamina and speed - also demonstrating how to redirect to the point ball on run 1. Sprocket shows off a nice smooth run and great response to cues as he completes his Outstanding Novice Standard Title. Both submissions are in a backyard pop-up field that requires excellent ball control and steering. Enjoy watching their teamwork! (Edited Note: This post describes and attaches the video for Solan's Advanced title not his Intermediate. Sorry for the confusion.)

Three cheers for Mary Ann and Deacon from Virginia for earning their Intermediate Balls N Order Title! They steer through the required six balls in order with beautiful teamwork. This run includes one call off and a direct send past close in balls to the correct ball at the back of the field. This is one veteran who still knows how to prance!

Mary Ann and Deacon are back! This time earning their Advanced Standard Title! Deacon does an amazing job sticking with the point ball while threading it through the formation. They go on to bring in the other 7 balls, Deacon finding enough energy to give us a second signature leap of joy halfway through.Congratulations!

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