Congratulating Recent Titling Teams

Sat, May 16, 2020 8:42 AM | Monica Pielage

Congratulations NATE Teams!

Congratulations go out to Carolyn and Bodhi in North Carolina for achieving their Master level title in the Balls N Order game. Watch Bodhi’s confidence as he waits for push or stop and redirect cues. This run is also filmed in a pop-up field and you will be astounded to see him push all 9 balls straight into the goal. Wow!

Let’s celebrate Mary and Dill from Indiana! They earned both Novice and Intermediate titles in the Balls N Order game. Watch fast and accurate steering and excellent directionals as they bring in all 6 balls. Dill even retrieves ball six from the back fence with no hesitation. What teamwork!

Hooray for Irma and Titan from Texas for achieving their Advanced title in the Standard Game! Watch Titan, a veteran, leap over the point ball in his excitement! Then he works steadily to bring in the rest of the balls. Nice work you two!

Three cheers for Monica and Jojo from California who have earned their Intermediate Balls N Order title! Watch their first run in which they adeptly stop and redirect to another ball three different times to bring them to the goal in order. A run to be proud of!

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