Major Titles!

Sat, July 06, 2024 4:45 AM | Chris Roeder (Administrator)

Sandy and Chase

NATE is thrilled to acknowledge and congratulate Sandy and Chase from Indiana! This duo is the FIRST NATE team to earn their 2nd Champion and 2nd Versatility Champion tiles! Wow! This is truly amazing and an awe inspiring accomplishment!CONGRATULATIONS Team Chase!!

Double congratulations to Sandy and Chase from Indiana! This team just earned their 2nd Outstanding Expert Standard title!  Watch as Chase enthusiastically goes out 50 feet to retrieve 8 balls in the allotted time!  He had to complete 10 runs at this difficulty level to achieve this title! What a rock star!

Loyd and Lulu

Let’s give a big cheer for Loyd and Lulu from California! This team just earned their Novice Balls N Order title! Watch as Lulu knows exactly what to do to achieve this title! Such great teamwork! Congratulations!

Judy and Pearl

Hip-hip-hooray for Judy and Pearl from North Carolina! This team just earned their Novice Snooker title! Watch Pearl’s sassy attitude as she moves to the “correct” ball! What a great little herding dog! Congratulations!

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