Congrats for Newest Titles!

Sat, December 30, 2023 6:26 AM | Chris Roeder (Administrator)

Kyla and Darrin

Let’s give 2 big cheers for Kyla and Darrin from Oregon! This is NATE’s first Silken Windhound to earn their Novice Standard and Novice Balls N Order titles! Another hound proving that Treibball is for ANY breed! Watch how gracefully he moves as he proudly retrieves all of the balls! What a fabulous team!

Kyla and Rylee 

Congratulations to Kyla and Rylee from Oregon! Team Rylee just earned their Novice Snooker title! This team makes it look so effortless to collect all the points with plenty of time to spare! What an amazing run!

Stephanie and Chori' 

Hooray for Stephanie and Chori’ from North Carolina! This team just earned their Novice Snooker title! Watch Team Chori’ multi-task to conquer this fast-paced, challenging game! Stupendous work!

Ellie and Chino 

Let’s celebrate Ellie and Chino from Ohio! This team just earned their Novice Pairs title! Watch as Chino confidently retrieves the balls to his handler! What great teamwork! Congratulations, Team Chino!

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