Big Round of Applause

Wed, March 01, 2023 6:19 PM | Chris Roeder (Administrator)

Sandy, Ally, and Chase

Let’s give a big cheer for Sandy, Ally and Chase from Indiana.  This is the 2nd team to earn their Novice Team title. Watch as each dog patiently waits their turn to retrieve the balls.  Such awesome teamwork!  Congratulations!

Andee and Thais

Let’s give two cheers for Andee and Thais from California.  This team earned two new titles:  PreNovice Standard and Novice Standard.  Watch as Thais knows exactly what his job is in these 2 runs.  What a confident boy!  Congratulations!

Tammy and Quinta

Hip-hip-hooray for Tammy and Quinta from British Columbia.  This team has been super busy in 2022 earning 8 new NATE titles:  Pre-novice Standard, Novice Standard, Outstanding Novice Standard, Intermediate Standard, Novice BNO, Outstanding Novice BNO, Novice Snooker and Outstanding Novice Snooker.  Watch as Tammy and Quinta brave the snow to make some of these runs happen.  What a fun and consistent team!

Splash n' Dash K9 Sports Teams

A huge congratulations to the teams at Splash n’ Dash K9 Sports, Inc in Pennsylvania.  The following handlers and dogs earned their Novice Standard titles:  Ellen and Lexi, Ellen and Libby, Meridee and Buddy, Sheri and Keiran, Sherry and Parker and Erin and Tori.  What great teamwork by all!

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