Woo Hoo!

Wed, January 25, 2023 8:48 AM | Chris Roeder (Administrator)

Chris and Mickey

Hip-hip-hooray for Chris and Mickey from Indiana.  This team is the FIRST to earn their Intermediate Snooker title!  Watch as Mickey makes this game look effortless!  What an amazing run!  Great teamwork!


Lisa and Logan

Let’s give 2 big cheers to Lisa and Logan from North Carolina.  This team has been busy earning their Outstanding Expert Balls N Order and Outstanding Expert Standard titles. Watch in the BNO run how Logan rocks the “wait” and “change position” cues. Congratulations!



Rebekah and Murphy

Congratulations to Rebekah and Murphy from Illinois for earning their Novice Standard title.  Watch as Rebekah uses a frisbee to tug with Murphy for a job well done.  This is a great example of using positive reinforcement during the game. Fabulous job!  


Brenda, Tia, and Jennings

Hip-hip-hooray for Brenda, Tia, and Jennings from Indiana. These teams earned 5 new titles in 2022. Brenda and Jennings earned their Novice Standard and Novice BNO titles, and Brenda and Tia earned their Novice/Intermediate Standard and Intermediate BNO titles. What a fantastic accomplishment!

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