Hip Hip Hooray!

Fri, January 13, 2023 4:27 AM | Chris* Roeder (Administrator)

Sandy and Chase

Hip-hip-hooray for Sandy and Chase from Indiana.  This is the 2nd team in the United States to earn their Novice Snooker title!  Watch as Sandy and Chase race against the clock to get all the balls in the goal within 2 minutes. Great job! 



Erin and Jet

Congratulations to Eric and Jet from Oregon!  This team just earned their Novice Urban Herding title.  Watch Jet’s persistence as she retrieves the ball from behind the far fence.  This sassy girl rocks!  Awesome Teamwork!


Tammy and Chase

Two cheers for Tammy and Chase from Indiana for earning two new titles - Advanced Standard and Novice Urban Herding. Watch as this team conquers these runs with confidence and consistency.  Also notice the fabulous field and the really visible goal/handler box markings!  Congratulations x2!



Tammy and Wyatt

Let’s give 3 big cheers for Tammy and Wyatt from Indiana.  This team just earned 3 new titles -  Intermediate Standard, Novice Urban Herding and Intermediate Balls N Order!  This team has been busy, busy, busy! Watch as Wyatt joyfully delivers the balls to the goal in each of the games!  What an awesome partner!  Congratulations x3!




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