Hip Hip Hooray!

Thu, October 27, 2022 5:51 PM | Chris Roeder (Administrator)

Hip Hip Hooray!

Mary and Dill

Hooray for Mary and Dill from Indiana for earning their Advanced Balls N Order, Novice Urban Herding and Expert Standard titles!  Dill is excited to play this game, returning all the balls to the goal with lightning speed.  Great teamwork!



Mary and Widget

Congratulations to Mary and Widget from Indiana.  This Team earned their Novice Standard, Novice Urban Herding and Intermediate Standard titles!  Widget is an expert pusher, getting all the balls to the goal in record time!  Go Team Widget!



Kyla and Rylee

Two cheers for Kyla and Rylee from Oregon for earning their Expert Standard and Expert Balls N Order titles.  In BNO, watch as Kyla effortlessly guides Rylee to the correct balls to bring in.  This team is so consistent with their distance sends and directionals.  What beautiful runs! 



Suzanne and Liza

Hip-hip-hooray for Suzanne and Liza from Indiana for earning their Novice Pairs title. Check out this team’s two-fer!  Great job Team Liza! 


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