Congrats to Spring Title Earners!

Thu, September 22, 2022 11:53 AM | Chris Roeder (Administrator)

Sandy and Chase

Give a big cheer to Sandy and Chase from Indiana!  This is our second team to earn their  Novice Urban Herding title!  Watch as Chase enthusiastically maneuvers the balls back to the goal.  Got to love those shelties.  What great Team work!

Lisa and Logan

Three cheers for our third team to earn their Novice Urban Herding title - Lisa and Logan from Washington.  Watch as Logan smoothly retrieves the ball from the pen only to get caught up on a gate.  Logan thinks this game is challenging!

Gary and Cooper

Let’s celebrate Gary and Cooper from WA for earning their Intermediate Standard title!  During this fabulous run, Watch as Cooper brings in 2 balls at once.  How efficient! What a fun team!

Lynda Sue and Merlin

Let’s give 2 big cheers for Lynda Sue and Merlin from Washington for earning two new titles: Intermediate Balls N Order and Advanced Standard. Merlin is a Rockstar when it comes to picking out the correct colored ball in his BNO run.  This boy loves to retrieve.  Congratulations Team Merlin!



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