Congrats for Newest Titles!

Fri, February 11, 2022 5:32 AM | Chris Roeder (Administrator)

Congratulations to Lisa and Logan from Washington for earning their Intermediate Balls N Order title!  Watch a great example of a mid-game formation break with call offs and redirection. Amazing teamwork!

2022 Let’s celebrate Angie and Keiro from WA for earning their Novice Standard title!  Angie does such a great job supporting Keiro with positive affirmations during their runs.  Way to go Team Keiro!

Let’s all cheer for NATE’s first Urban Herding title!  This Novice title was earned by Lynda Sue and Merlin from Washington. Team Merlin wasted no time training for this new game and conquering it!  Great Teamwork!!!!!!


Whoohoo!  Lynda Sue and Merlin from Washington earned their Intermediate Standard title.  Watch as Merlin pushes all 6 balls into the goal with enthusiasm and speed.  This team has been busy lately.  Great Job! 

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