Recent Titles with NATE!

Fri, November 26, 2021 4:26 PM | Monica * Pielage

NATE Congratulates Recent Teams to Earn Titles!

Let’s celebrate Zelda and Abby from California for earning their Pre-Novice Standard title! This team has amazing speed, accuracy and efficiency. Great job!

Congratulations to Patsy and Keto from Oregon for earning their Advanced Standard Title! It is so much fun to watch Keto control and “steer” the balls. Great work Team Keto!

Hip-hip hooray for Paula and Betty Ann from Oregon for earning their Intermediate Standard title. Betty Ann does a fantastic job lining up behind each ball and then enthusiastically bringing it back to Paula. The redirect to the point ball in run #3 was gorgeous! Great Teamwork!

Let’s celebrate Paula and Betty Ann from Oregon for earning their Novice Balls N Order title. Betty Ann drives the balls in with such speed and controlled enthusiasm! Both team members are so happy while completing clean runs! This Team has been busy in 2021!

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