Recent Titles Awarded!

Fri, October 22, 2021 1:50 PM | Monica * Pielage


Hip-hip hooray for Sandy White and Chase from Indiana! They have earned their Novice titles in both Standard and Balls N Order. Watch in his Standard run as Sandy helps this young dog focus on the point ball despite the distractions of being at a live event. Then he quickly brings in the other balls. In the Balls N Order run you will see great teamwork and straight pushing after Chase is easily directed to the correct balls. Awesome!

Congratulations to Lisa and Logan from Washington. They just earned their Novice Balls N Order title with fast, clean runs. Watch their superb teamwork as Logan takes almost invisible direction to ball 2. Wow!

Hip-hip hooray for Linda and Winston from Washington for earning their Pre-Novice title! Winston’s pushes are nice and straight, making efficient use of time. Such great teamwork! This team looks ready for Novice!

Let’s celebrate Linda and Qwinn from Washington for earning their Novice Standard title. Watch this quick, clean run and see them demonstrate solid skills and nice teamwork. Great job both of you!

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