Congratulations Recent Titling Teams

Thu, September 02, 2021 6:58 AM | Monica * Pielage

Congratulations Recent Titling Teams

Debbie and Deano just earned both their Novice and Intermediate titles in the Balls N Order game! With these lovely two runs Deano demonstrates strong pushing skills and listening to direction cues. This team is very smooth and fun to watch! Double Congrats!

2 cheers for Courtney and Pixel from Washington on earning their 2nd title in 2 months!  They have received their Balls N Order novice title while portraying great skill.  What a very nice working team these 2 make.  Will this team try at a 3rd title in 3 months?  Stay tuned!

A big shout out to Lorene and Ella from Oregon for earning their Standard Novice Title. Run #3 was simply AMAZING. With one big push, Ella was able to get all the balls in the goal for a run time of 18 seconds. This team does not waste ANY time. Wow! Just Wow!

Let’s celebrate Patsy and Keto from Oregon for earning their Standard Novice Title. Patsy does a great job encouraging Keto and then he plays with such enthusiasm! On ball 2 he shows us a great example of effective steering with chest pushing. His exuberant leap over the third ball will bring a smile to your face. Look forward to seeing more from this team!

Congratulations to Suzanne and Liza! This team from Indiana just earned both their Novice and Intermediate Balls N Order Titles! Both of these runs are smooth and fast! The Intermediate run required some tricky redirections on ball 3 and ball 5 that show off their great teamwork and Liza’s tenacity. Really nice! ttps://

Congratulations to Alix and Gir from Washington on earning their Novice Standard Title! This team does an awesome job with three clean, fast runs! Run #2 was the quickest of the three and came with a two-fer (one drive, two balls.) We look forward to watching this team grow!

Hip hip hooray for Sam and Bling from Washington on earning their Novice Standard Title! Watch Bling start from a rock-solid point position. He then shows how to dig ball 2 out of the corner. This team shows great foundations and communication!

Hip-hip hooray for Kyla and Rhys from Oregon. This duo had double the fun by earning both their Novice Standard and Balls N Order titles. What a great working relationship this team portrays with Kyla’s positive encouragement and Rys’s efficient and direct pushing. This is a team to watch!

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