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Tue, April 06, 2021 1:29 PM | Monica * Pielage (Administrator)

Congratulations to Recent Titling Teams!

Let’s celebrate Alyssa and Lia from Washington on earning their Advanced Standard Title. Lia is a speed demon and shows off her training in that she is still able to wait for a push cue despite her eagerness. Watch her as she steers all 8 balls right to the goal. Impressive!

Let’s celebrate Joanne, Luna and Beamer our first team from New York.  Joanne and her teammates had double the fun earning their Novice Standard Titles.  Both Luna, the sheltie and Beamer, the border collie are precise, no-nonsense Treibball pushers.  They get in and out of the ball formation driving the balls effortlessly to the goal. And the adorable nose pushes by the blue merle sheltie are ridiculous! Congratulations on this fabulous 2020 accomplishment.

Congratulations to Angie and Cali from Australia for earning their Intermediate Standard title. Cali is a Finnish Lapphund and loves this game. Thanks for joining us from the Southern Hemisphere!

Hip hip hooray for Kerrie and Solan from Australia! This team just earned their Expert Standard Treibball Title. Solan does an amazing job, with loads of vocal enthusiasm, directing 8 balls back to his team mate at the goal line. Great job! This Video Titling submission shows a rule exception approved by the Competition committees.

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