Skills Certification: The Process

Follow these steps to certify your dog in NATE's Skills Certification Program

Step 1: Candidate identifies an Evaluator and arranges to perform test in person, or confirms that test can be evaluated via video. Email for help finding an Evaluator.

Step 2: Candidate and dog complete certification exercise in presence of Evaluator, or submits video directly to Evaluator.

Step 3: The Evaluator sends email to (with copy to the Candidate) to advise NATE that a test has been passed.

 The Subject of the message should indicate the last name of the Candidate and the call name of the dog.

 The body of the message should document the name of the dog, the date of the test, the Skill Category and Level (e.g. Distance, Level 1).

Step 4: The Candidate completes a Skills Certification Submission (including payment) online (Members Only section, Skills Certificate Submission).

Step 5: NATE receives Evaluator’s email and Candidate’s Submission.

Step 6: NATE sends Certificate to Candidate via email.

Step 7: NATE posts achievement to NATE Members Facebook page.

Contact NATE     PO Box 2306, Aptos, CA 95003     

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